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 Subject : Dave Mac Dougall.. 01/22/2014 08:26:27 PM 
Don Myers
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May he rest in peace. Well done thy good and faithful servant. Upon entering the PI profession after a long career with the FBI I became acquainted with Dave at one of the SCALI conferences. He was the go to guy in the Association and one of the most devoted members.

He was the information Man. Dave always had an answer for all my inquiries and I appreciate our friendship over the few yrs I was privileged to know him.

He will be missed.

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 Subject : Re:Dave Mac Dougall.. 01/23/2014 06:35:36 PM 
Garlan "Chris" Harper
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I have known Dave for 30 years he was always so kind and helpful to anyone that ask he for anything> I think back to the days when we first started and our meeting in the little room at the motel on Broad river Rd. and I see his smile my friend you will be truly missed by all the people whom lives you have touched. You and several others are the best of the best of our group of professionals. THERE WILL BE NO REPLACEMENT FOR YOU MY DEAR FRIEND. My prayers are with your family and friends who will surely miss you and I know that you are at home with our LORD may he bless and kept you and your family

G.C. "Chris" Harper
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