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 Subject : Safe Watch.. 05/23/2017 05:31:53 PM 
John (Jay) Phillips
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I've been using Covert Track for several years now but their pricing is getting out of this world. Is anyone using Safe watch??? Recommendations??
 Subject : Re:Safe Watch.. 05/23/2017 05:57:02 PM 
Donald Kneece
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Location: Saluda, Edgefield, McCormick and Lexington
Jay, I have a new tracker that uses Verizon and is working fine. Contact me for more info. [email protected].

Don Kneece
Looking for a part-time person (20-25 hr. per week) to help with PI/Security work. Must be able to accept cases and work them with minimum supervision after training. If you know of anyone, please have them contact me by email [email protected].
 Subject : Re:Safe Watch.. 05/23/2017 06:03:50 PM 
Tim Compton
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We have used safewatch for 2 years now . Prices are reasonable and no surprises in cost. You can call anytime for questions or issues and they assist you right away. We have had minimal issues, usually satellite problems, not with safewatch .
 Subject : Re:Safe Watch.. 05/23/2017 08:16:47 PM 
Lewis Mahaffey
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GREAT tracking, excellent product, great pricing, dependable and reliable and exceptional support.
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