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 Subject : Use of Drones for surveillance.. 04/13/2016 06:37:32 AM 
John M. Ratteree
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Does anyone know if it is permissible for sc pi's to use dronees for surveillance and if so what are if any the restrictions of their use. ( other than our normal restrictions regarding privacy fences and so on )
Does anyone lnow if it is permissable for us to use drones for surveillance and if so what if any are the restrictions ?
 Subject : Re:Use of Drones for surveillance.. 04/13/2016 07:10:59 AM 
Clay Boswell
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I bought a high-end quadcopter ("drone") in June with the premiss that I would be able to better understand the digital forensic capabilities of the hardware and storage. I have been very surprise to learn of the capabilities of the device and the logging information collected at nearly every point. I should add that in addition to a 4K camera, my drone has a GPS and 64GB microSD card for storage.

I know there are current FAA regulations governing the commercial use of small unmanned aircraft (UAS) and there is a formal process to achieve proper licensing for commercial use. (See... However, I think over time, like GPS trackers, UAS devices will become common place in collecting photographic/videographic evidence by Private Investigators.

The FAA established a registration process for current and new "drone" owners in the "hobbyist" classification and is $5.00 per term.

If you are a "hobbyist" drone operator and would like more information from the FAA website visit -

If you wish to use a "drone" for commercial (PI) purposes you will need to apply for/and be granted authorization by the FAA under the Section 333 Exemption process.

There have been rulings locally that establish the FAA's authority one includes a Spartanburg 4th of July case - clarifying that if you accept a fee then you must have the commercial FAA license.

Hope this helps.
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