About Us

South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators
is a non-profit professional association for licensed private investigators and professional investigators employed by law firms and public defenders.  Students and individuals who study or work within the criminal justice system may join the association as an associate member.

Incorporated in 1985 (see history page), SCALI has grown to an association of over 200 members.  SCALI incorporates 6 different regions in an effort to keep all members informed and active.  Out of state members belong to the At-Large region, while the remaining members belong to one of the 5 other regions depending on their residency.

The association is organized starting with an Executive Committee made up of the 6 Regional Directors, the State Director and all previously elected State Directors.  Elections are held every two years.

Networking with other investigators is an important part of SCALI, however, tracking legislation that may affect the industry, keeping up with current laws, such as GPS and dealing with gated communities also play an important role with SCALI and its members.

SCALI currently holds 3 seminars each year that are available to members and non-members to obtain SLED required continuing education credits.  In addition, the credits are honored by most states.  More information about our seminars can be found on this website and by contacting the chairperson of the Program & Education Committee.