SCALI Journal 2012 Volume 28, No.2

By Clay Boswell on Jun 30, 2012

April, May, June 2012

Here were over 140 in attendance at the 27th Annual Spring Conference & Seminar. Conference hosts Ken Robison and Michael Spane did an outstanding job organizing the event which commenced on May 10 and concluded on May 12, 2012 in Columbia, SC. An energetic collection of speakers highlighted the agenda and a vast amount of interesting topics were presented.


SCALI Journal 2012 Volume 28, No.1

Mar 30, 2012

January, February, March 2012

I trust that all of you have braved the 60 degree winter months and have emerged ready for a healthy spring and summer.  While most of us have been working hard with our businesses and helping our Clients with case after case, a few dedicated SCALI members have been hard at work over these 60 degree winter days getting SCALI business in order. 


SCALI Journal 2011 Volume 27, No.3

Sept 30, 2011

July, August, September 2011
Fall Conference Report

The 2011 Fall Conference was held in Florence, SC at the Hilton Garden Inn on October 13-14, 2011.  The event was hosted by Marion Brown and Jerald Brown, both of Marion J. Brown Detective Agency.


SCALI Journal 2011 Volume 27, No.2

June 30, 2011

April, May, June 2011

I have spent the last 2 months trying to do my best to learn how to be the State Director. The one thing I have definitely learned is that the job is a little more difficult than one could imagine. I have had to pull the boot straps up and get to work.


SCALI Journal 2011 Volume 27, No.1

March 31, 2011

January, February, March 2011

This is my last letter as your Director. It has been an honor for me to serve in this position for the last 6 years. Representing you has been the biggest honor of my professional career and being a part of this great Association has enriched my life beyond my imagination. There are so many of you to thank for your help, guidance, and support.


SCALI Journal 2010 Volume 26, No.4

Dec 31, 2010

October, November, December 2010

As we enter a new year, I hope each one of you will have a blessed, happy, and prosperous 2011. As we look forward to conferences, a new Director and new Regional Directors, we will have new opportunities for you to get involved in SCALI.


SCALI Journal 2010 Volume 26, No.3

Sept 30, 2010

July, August, September 2010

I hope you all had a great summer.  Now, as we settle into the last quarter of the year I hope you all have plans to attend the Fall Conference in Columbia on October 22, 2010.


SCALI Journal 2010 Volume 26, No.2

June 30, 2010

April, May, June 2010

We had another great annual conference in May. Thank you Don Wilson for hosting. Congratulations to our award winners this year. Mike, Guy, and Tracy are always willing to pitch in and help SCALI. Also, congratulations to our Scholarship winner Rebekah Cheek.


SCALI Journal 2010 Volume 26, No.1

March 31, 2010

January, February, March 2010

Since our last issue we have lost two friends. One was SCALI member and good friend Ed Fewell. Ed was at every conference, advertised in every issue, and contributed financially when requests went out for sponsors. He taught new PIs and those interested in the profession to serve papers in a legal way. He will be missed so much.


SCALI Journal 2009 Volume 25, No.4

Dec 31, 2009

October, November, December 2009

As 2009 ends we have much to celebrate. We had wonderful conferences ending with a fabulous Fall conference in Aiken. Thanks to Tracy Hoshell, Donna Brisbin and their many helpers who did a great job providing location and speakers.


SCALI Journal 2009 Volume 25, No.3

By Clay Boswell on Sep 30, 2009

July, August, September 2009

I hope all of you California. During these trips, I have are having a great recruited vendors and promoted summer. Before you know it our Fall Conference will be here. Make your plans to attend  November 12th and 13th in Aiken. Host Tracy Hoshell is working hard to line up speakers and get everything together for a great conference. Information and registration forms will be posted on the website soon.


SCALI Journal 2009 Volume 25, No.2

June 30, 2009

April, May, June 2009

I am extremely humbled that you have chosen to re-elect me this year. To  my very worthy opponent, I say, keep working hard for SCALI as you have for many years. We all appreciate it. I am also grateful to the membership for the Who’s Who Award.


SCALI Journal 2009 Volume 25, No.1

 Mar 31, 2009

January, February, March 2009

I hope this edition of the Journal finds all of you doing well. Many of us may have declines in work during this economic downturn while others may have an increase in work. Either way, you have a great opportunity to learn new investigative information and help increase your knowledge and business by attending our May conference.