Standing Committees

Standing Committees assist the State Director and Executive Committee in managing and maintaining SCALI policies, business, and operations.  This is a great way to be involved in SCALI! If you are interested in serving please contact your Regional Director.
Ethics: The committee will issue formal opinions and respond to requests for ethics advice. Please see SCALI By-Laws/Executive Orders, Attachment 1 of Article XI.
Al Johnson – Chair
1.  Leroy Everhart
2.  Bruce Pitkin
3.  Don Myers
Scholarship:  The committee will select the Bob Joseph Scholarship recipient based on established guidelines.
Kathy Broom – Acting Chair
1.  Hope Ballenger
2.  Mark Jones
3.  Kathy Wainscott
4.  Ned Polk
5. Jennifer Setree
6. Mitchell Barnes
7. Tony Taylor
8. William Fletcher
Awards:  The committee will gather nominations and present awards based on established guidelines.
Joh Tuck – Chair
1. Sonny Narang
2. Ruth Reynolds
3. Jason Alexander
4. Bush Banton
Legal and Legislative – Committee members should be members of NCISS.  The committee will monitor state and national legislative and regulatory activities affecting the investigative industry
Alden Wheeler - Chair
1. David Nalley
Membership: The committee will actively recruit and retain members.  Promote SCALI and be able to answer questions regarding membership 
Brad Kandare– Chair
1. Daria Gadd
2. Jennifer Setree
Training and Education:  The committee will assist the local conference host with all functions of the training/education conferences.
Open- Chair
1. Katherine Wainscott
2. Curtis Clark
3. Jim Sigmon
4. Ed Spicer
5. Brian Setree
6. Matt Thornton
Information Technology:  The committee will assist in maintaining the SCALI website, promote SCALI through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and coordinate for audio/visual equipment for all conferences.
Jim Jackson – Chair
SLED Advisory:  The committee will promote a working relationship with SLED and advise SLED of industry concerns.
Phil Grimsley - Chair
1.  David Nalley
2.  Andrew Staffileno
3.  Ted Landreth
4.  Donald Kneece
Hospitality:  The committee will coordinate and promote social networking within the membership.  This committee will be self-sufficient and operate through sponsorship/donations.
Heather Bryson – Chair
1. Lori McCoy
Golf:  The committee will host an annual golf tournament.  This committee will be self-sufficient and operate through sponsorship/donations.
David Causey - Chair
Sergeant at Arms: Will attend all executive committee and membership meetings and maintain order during those meetings.
 Andrew Staffileno – Sergeant At Arms