Standing Committees

After the Annual Conference & Seminar, the State Director fills various standing committees to help in maintaining and managing SCALI policy and SCALI business.  This is a great way to be involved with SCALI.  If anyone is intersted in serving on one of the below committees, email the State Director for consideration.  Not all committees have vacancies, but help is needed on a regular basis.

*Signifies the committee is no longer active, but may be re-instated as needed by the State Director.




Al Johnson - Chair Bob Joseph - Chair
Mike Watson Katherine Wainscott
Ray Whitsell Donna Robertson
Don Myers Mitchell Barnes
Sadie Wannamaker Ray Nash
  Willie Tisdale



Programs & Education*


Michael Spane - Chair

Linda Cecil

Katherine Wainscott

Vanessa Guyton

Michael Johnson


Legal & Legislative


Eddie Drayton - Chair Marvin Carter - Chair 
Marty Henderson John Martin
Bruce Pitkin Jim Murphy
Elizabeth Cook Don Kneece
Audra Coleman Connie Elgin


Executive Assistant

Jeremy Whitsell - Chair
Donna Maranto
Alec Sharp  
J. D. Chamblee


Donnie Elgin

Chris Robinson

Davina Hartigan

Bob Joseph


By-Laws & Procedures*



Bob Joseph 

Wayne Freeman


Sergeant at Arms*



SLED Advisory Committee 

Phil Grimsley - Chair
Bob Joseph
Bonnie Carter
Glenn Harrell
Ken Robison
Robert Simmons