SCALI Awards
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The prestigious SCALI awards are presented yearly at the Annual Conference.  These awards are a way of recognizing members who have made significant contribution to our profession or given meritorious service to our association. Please take a moment to nominate a deserving member of our association and be sure they meet the criteria below.


This award is given to recognize an individual who has demonstrated significant achievement in SCALI and enhancing the investigative profession.
Eligibility: A nominee must be a licensed Private Investigator and a member in good standing of SCALI for at least three (3) consecutive years. The member has demonstrated active participation in the community setting, leadership qualities, and demonstrated active participation in the growth of the profession.
This award honors the memory of a dedicated Private Investigator and is bestowed upon a member in recognition for their dedication to the industry and for outstanding contributions to the field of private investigations.
Eligibility: A nominee must be a member in good standing and have been a SCALI member for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years. This individual will have demonstrated his/her knowledge of the private investigative industry by mentoring and networking with other SCALI members and licensed investigators. This nominee will have shown a consistent pattern with participation in SCALI functions. This nominee will have set a high standard for professionalism and will have exhibited other intangible qualities such as leadership, enthusiasm, motivation and community involvement.
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2024 Awards Committee:
Sadie Wannamaker - Oversight
Jon Tuck – Chair
1. Sonny Narang - Member
2. Ruth Reynolds - Member
3. Jason Alexander - Member
4. Bush Banton - Member
Past Award Recipients:
Year Editor/Publisher Award SCALI Member of the Year Investigator of the Year Ed Fewell Who's Who Award State Director's Award
1990 David Smith   xxxx    
1991 R.J. Provost & Lyle Hendrick   xxxx    
1992 David Sanders   Dave MacDougall    
1993 William "Bill" Best   xxxx    
1994 William "Bill" Best   Don Scott    
1995 Bob Joseph   Dave MacDougall    
1996 Vicki Childs   Vicki Childs    
1997 Lyle Hendricks   Ken Thrasher    
1998 Dave MacDougall   Bob Joseph    
1999 xxxxx   Bonnie Carter    
2000 Ed Fewell   Jack Geren    
2001 Guy Johnson   Roy Cantrell    
2002 Vicki Childs   Guy Johnson Don Kneece  
2003 Bob Joseph   Hyatt Whitesell Bob Joseph  
2004 Ken Walter   G. Roundbehler/ S. Abrams Dave MacDougall  
2005 Skip Smith   Ken Walter Bonnie Carter  
2006 Mitchell Barnes   Ed Fewell Hyatt Whitesell  
2007 Jeff Spivack   Monty Clark Ken Walter  
2008 Austin Troxell   Marty Henderson Gerald Rounbehler  
2009 Dr. George Hoshell   Bob Joseph Vicki Childs  
2010 Michael Spane   Tracy Hoshell/Guy Johnson Ed Fewell  
2011 Donna Brooks-Brisbin   Carol Sutton - Turner Ken Walter  
2012 Ken Robison Carol Sutton-Turner/ Roy Turner Don Wilson Marion Brown, Sr.  
2013 **Journal Retired** Mike Watson Greg Gregory (Posthumous) Ken Robison, Sr.  
2014   Dave MacDougall (Posthumous) Don Myers Wayne Freeman, Sr.  
2015     Al Johnson Wayne Freeman, Sr.  
2016     James Morris Brad Kandare  
2017     Kevin Walters Marty Henderson  
2018     Sadie Wannamaker  Mike Watson  
2019     Jeremy Whitesell Al Johnson Jeremy Whitesell
2020      Shawn Condrey  Robert Todd  Jason Alexander
2021      Kathy Broom  Heather Bryson

 Daniel Green & Mike Yergey

2022      Brian Scott  Heather Mitchell  Jim Sigmon
2023      Heather Tinker  Daria Gadd  Mike Watson
2024    Mark Jones  Mark Jones  David Causey  Jon Tuck